Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Ok, it’s time to make a change. 

I’ve had all sorts of cool ideas about what to put up here and haven’t got it here because I just didn’t get along with the various blogging site software, making posting stuff up here just painful.

I’m hoping Microsoft’s Live Writer will be the end of that.  Actually, that’s part of the reason for this post… I want to test how well it works.


This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the blog post besides the fact that I’m testing what Live Writer will do well. 

Have you ever seen icicles like this?  These were from a couple of weeks ago after the series of storms that we had, that is a full length window, I’m guessing that longest icicle is probably 9-10’ long (it goes a couple of feet past the window, and the gutter is a few feet above it).  The picture was shot in the dark with long exposure and tripod, the ice is catching light from the lamp hanging next to the back door on the deck below the window.

Secondly, I’ve been avoiding posting work (as in computer/IT) related stuff here.  I think that is going to end.

For those of you that don’t know I’m an IT guy working for a government contractor (those of you that do know and are local are thinking, “Really, isn’t everyone around here?”).  Anyway, my original thought there was “After 8, 10, 12… hours of being at work why the hell would I want to do anything even vaguely computer related when I don’t have to.

Well, my adventures from the last few days has changed my mind about that.  I think that at least one of my faithful 2-1/2 readers might find my continuing adventures there interesting, and I’m hoping the rest of you will be willing to sort through them in exchange for more regular useful car, machining, things catching fire and shooting through walls posts.

I’m betting my blog crazy wife would suggest just starting a second blog for a different topic, but I’m not sure that it makes sense if I’m not posting something even close to regularly.  For that matter, I’m just as capable of making a computer into a smoking pile of junk in the bottom of a crater as I am a car or the average chunk of steel… see, I even have a theme to follow.

Bare (bear, or beer as the case may be) with me I’ll figure this out eventually…

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