Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How Tacky is That?

ZDNet's all-in-one LCD PC

So what exactly is so special about this thing? 2 pieces of hardboard, 2 1x slats with some cheap computer hardware screwed to the back of an LCD, held together with what looks like drywall screws. Looks like something a high school kid would make as a "look at my cool custom PC" project or a slightly cleaned up version of the "pile of junk I was trying to fix" that you can find in every IT guy's office from time to time.

If he was going to publish this on such a well known site the least he could have done is maybe cut a ROUND fan hole (or any regular shape that the fan would fit in), made some straight cuts, maybe extended the sides to cover the gap between the back and the box so it really looks like it was meant to be one piece…

Though it does give me an idea. Skip the LCD, spend a little more on the video, make the case look like it was built by someone with more talent than a 3y/o using the claw end of a claw hammer (maybe bend a nice steel or aluminum cover with a plasma cut detail/plexy window or at least finish the wood nicely) and you have a nice, component sized multimedia PC to plug into your TV/stereo (I know, "home theater").