Wednesday, October 24, 2007


(original content removed by request of the individual who it
was about)

In The Beginning

There was nothing.

Isn't it amazing how with all the sound and fury that appear to be part of life how it often amounts to heaping piles of nothing?

For a long time there was nothing, I setup this space a LONG time ago... but why?  No car guys read blogs.  People who play with metal don’t read blogs.  I don’t read blogs.

What will I put here?  Why bother? Hell, it didn't even seem to make sense to sit down and consider what to put here.

Well, it wasn't quite nothing, there was a little something, there were mumblings:
“You really should write some of this down and arrange it in one place”
“Man, you have some of the best stories”
“The cat has to go fast, really fast… do you think she needs a helmet?” (This was a real conversation, I'm not making this up)
“What did you do and why is it on fire?”

(you’ll learn, my life involves fire, explosions and twisted little bits of metal… really I don’t understand why more people’s lives don’t, it just seems to happen naturally around here)

And then it happened, a week or so where I had something to comment on almost every day and worse, my wife is out of town. My coworkers are also. The dog… well she’s trying to pay attention, but she’s really just hoping that somehow this turns into a game, and the cat, well that freeloading beast, she’s actually snoring. Cat’s aren't supposed to snore.

So that’s it. I’m here. Let’s see how this goes. For right now the plan is to blog about things as they happen, and then maybe pad those things with older stories, and even occasionally with notes on how something works, how to do something or how I did something if someone asks.

We start with a whimper…